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You Are Not Alone!

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Health & Wellness > Support
They're a lot of people out there with depression, panic attacks, different disorders. I want people to learn that they are not alone. Others have these problems and we need to be bonded in a way that we can help each other out. Just to say that I have a friend that knows how I feel! A lot of our members have links to particular sites for help. Some have storys of how it's like to have these disorders and depression. The main thing we would like to say is "Don't Give Up!"

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   Treating Depression Preview Go
Find help in treating depression. Dr. Neil Nedley will use medication if needed but uses natural treatments that will turn your life around.

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   Night Hells (Night Terrors) and Hearing Voices Preview Go
At last we have an explanation of, and a true healing possibility for, a widely occurring mental health issue involving night terrors and/or tormenting inner voices, often with various manifestations of deep seated fear. With this new understanding, many people currently considered mentally ill or psychotic can at last be understood and fully healed - and indeed the true source of virtually ALL mental health issues is revealed and indeed can be addressed.
   Cry To The Angels Preview Go
My own personal journal and links to self injury depression and suicide was just started and there is lots more to come.

   Tiny Nymph's Home Preview Go
A site for teen abuse survivors and other survivors. It has survivor poetry, survivor stories, help links, and an email group.
   Beato's Survivng Story Preview Go
All about my depression and how it has affected my life, but also how it has helped me to understand people.
   Carol Home Page Preview Go
Page started out telling my life story, with lots of pics. Now I've added webrings and links. Would like to dedicate one page just to Panic Disorder and Alcoholism, both I'm in recovery for.
   Rest Now Little Brother Preview Go
Adoptee's memorial to brother. Scott was diagnosed with Bipolar and lost his battle. This is a poem dedicated to my little brother.
   Why No Man Wants Me?! Preview Go
This is about why no man wants me for love and romance, as long as reality of life and love SUCKS!
   Healing Anxiety Preview Go
This site offers a unique combination of several ways to aleviate anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and depression using meditation, yogic principles, raw food, supplements, superfoods, herbs, and ionized water.
   Guide to Depression by Peace Manor Preview Go
Written by someone who has had depression for over 18 yrs. Contains the lastest information on depression and SSRI's. Lots of info & support from someone who has actually experienced depression! Drop by today for a PEACEful visit!

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