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Jewish History

Manager: yerushalaym
Schools & Education > Colleges and Universities
This Ring is dedicated to the websites regarding history of the Jewish nation, as well as world history involving Jewish individuals within the international community. Ring members should intend to give a valid contribution to students and teachers of Jewish History.

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   IM NIN'ALU's Book Preview Go
History, culture and spirituality of Israel, in close relationship with Roma people. Unconventional hypothesis about Hyksos, Exodus, Mount Sinai, etc.

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   Bible Timeline with Numerical Code Preview Go
A blend of a Bible timeline with a numerical path from Adam to Jesus Christ.
   Teaching the Holocaust through Stamps Preview Go
An interdisciplinary computerized program through the use of stamps, pictures, text and paintings by children in the Holocaust

   Mosaistics: Science of Mosaical Law and Antiquity Preview Go
Judge Dr. Ed Metzler discovers 3D structure of Ten Commandments, and reconstructs Tablets of the Law of Moses, precise to the millimeter, with consequences for many other fields of ancient learning, such as geometry, weights and measures, origin of the alphabet, musical theory, kabbalah, philosophy, Greek mythology, Israel's early Legal History, Egyptology etc.
   The Lost Tribes of Israel are NOT British Preview Go
All evidences disavow Brit-Amís theories (fables). The Scriptures, archaeology, documented history, genetics and science are against the British-Israelism infection. Recommended site for those searching for a serious approach to the Lost Tribes topic.
   Jewish Culture and History Preview Go
This Web site provides annotated links and original material about many aspects of Jewish culture and history.
   Holocaust Remembrance Page Preview Go
I hope this page will perpetuate the legacy of the Holocaust to future generations so that the world never forgets the horrors and cruelty of the Holocaust.
   Die Musik der zerstoerten Synagogen Preview Go
50 years after so called "Reichskristallnacht", North-German radio (NDR) broadcasted 1998 a concert of German Jewish Synagogue music organized by Hanover based "European Center for Jewish Music". This is a script for a featured and background orientated radio documentary of this concert a few months later, broadcasted by German national radio "Deutschlandfunk".
   The Holocaust Preview Go
My site is dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust.
   Atelier Yoyita Art gallery Jewish Art Preview Go
Jewish Art, contemporary religious spiritual art Judaic Art

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