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Anime Guys Ring - This is the very first webring solely dedicated to the Guys from Japanese Anime shows!  Whether they be good guys o
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Anime Guys Ring

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Manager: noriko

This is the very first webring solely dedicated to the Guys from Japanese Anime shows!  Whether they be good guys or bad guys, young guys or old guys, human guys or animal guys, straight guys or gay guys or if they are bishounen or just plain ole' Joe Shmoe.






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   Lotor, Prince of Doom Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Yes...Voltron is nifty! *Especially* nifty is Lotor, one of the main villains...maybe it's the ears, but *I* think he's cute! Cunning and obsessive, he typifies the simple villain, yet maintains a unique place among the Voltron characters. And...he's handsome!
   Gourry's Shrine Preview Go
My site is a shrine to my fav. guy in Slayers...Gourry!
   My Bishounen List Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Features my favorite bishounen, pics included, in the order of #1 though 15. ^_^ Also features links and webrings to the best bishounen sites out there!

   Obsessed With Duo Maxwell Preview Go
Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing
   My Bishonen Preview Go
A random list of Bishonen from various shows such as Slayers, Kenshin, Trigun, Weiss, and more. Pages contain a Gallery and Profile each.
   The Bishonen Cave Preview Go
Are you craving Bishonen?...Well settle you cravings here..Bishonen from Cowboy Bebop Bakuretsu Hunters DragonBall Final Fantasy and Much Much More!
   The Top 20 Guys of Anime Preview Go
20 chosen hot guys from various anime...according to me.
   Bishonens Preview Go
profiles and galleries of bishonens of: ayashi no ceres, fushigi yuugi, cardcaptor, ranma 1/2, saiyuki, weiss kreuz, rurouni kenshin, sailor moon, recca no honou, inuyasha, escaflowne, trigun, and more...
   The Gundam Nook Preview Go
I've got Gundam Wing Fan fics, Images, Multi Media, and a Misc. section. Come get your mind corrupted!! ^_^
   Crystal Eternity Preview Go
At Crystal Eternity, you'll find an extensive story synopsis, character profiles, galleries, and more, all devoted to Fushigi Yuugi!

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