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Boatanchors Amateur Radio Web Ring

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Manager: af4k
BOATANCHORS: A Web Ring for those interested in VINTAGE amateur radio equipment. Operating, restoring, building, buying and selling old tube radio equipment. This WEB RING also includes a number of AM and CW web sites, dedicated to preserving the history and wonder of ancient radio well into the 21st Century. A number of topics wil be found, related to older radios of all kinds.

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   Old USSR Radio Equipment Preview Go
Old Russian/USSR Radio Equipment. History of tube radio in the Russia/USSR. Schematic of old Russian Radio Equipment.
Great site about his collection of old military radios, and some cypher machines.
   WS1K's Boatanchors Preview Go
Pictures of some of Jon Jesse's boatanchor collection including a National AGS receiver.

   NR5A Boat Anchors Preview Go
restoring old amateur radio sets
   UU1CC: old tubes, vintage articles, glowbugs homebrew Preview Go
There are some unusual tubes in my locker, there are huge pile of old xUSSR handbooks and magazines in my bookcase. And, naturally, I have several homebrew tube transmitters, receivers and other projects on the table and around here. So, I've decided that I have to make an extra furniture - this site. 73! Andy UU1CC
The web's largest and best directory with thousands of places to visit and learn about very old amateur radio equipment and techniques. All arrange dby category for your convenience.
   Stealth Helical Coil Antennas for Hams and SWL's Preview Go
Long proven portable or restricted space antenna's for hams on the go and in the know! Dipoles styles in Coax and Balanced feed for higher efficiency. Single coil travel SWL antenna GREATLY improves reception of portable radio's. MANY have been sold on Ebay! QRP / QRO / Solid State / Or a Boat Anchor .... the antenna makes the difference!
   Boatanchors FAQ Preview Go
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions related to Boatanchors. Sources of info, parts, and rigs faq
   K9TR - Mark's Vintage Radios Preview Go
Many pictures of a growing vintage amateur radio collection, with many links and restoration information.
   Boatanchor Dreams Preview Go
A collection of information, pictures and technical materials related to antique radios, poopularly known as Boatanchors.

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