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Yu-Gi-Oh ! Webring - The Yu-gi-oh webring gathers the best sites about Kazuki Takahashi's masterpiece. If you are the webmaster of a page abo

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Yu-Gi-Oh ! Webring

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The Yu-gi-oh webring gathers the best sites about Kazuki Takahashi's masterpiece. If you are the webmaster of a page about Yu-Gi-Oh, big or small, images-based or text-based, please join us. YUGIOH and all related images and charatcers are copywrites of 4KIDS ENTERTAINMENT and their respective companies, and are not affiliates with this WebRing

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Mai Valentine
A site dedicated to Mai Valentine
Kyodai no Kokoro
A fansite for my fave YGO characters, the Ishtar siblings. Includes detailed profiles, fanfictions, galleries, and more.
Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG
All Duel Monster duelists are welcomed. Currently in process of construction but forum is already up. Translations of LB, RB, PG, ME, BC, CA, TB are already up. Hope that the site will be fully constructed in a week or two. But i need more people active in my forum before i'll update anything else. You have to sign up for an ezboard account before you can post in the forum%
DuelMasterNG's Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories
Basic need-to-know stuff about the PSX game Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories... constantly updated!
The wonderful world of Yo-Gi-oh
This is a great site with polls, bios, pictures not many but there is some. more stuff on the way. by the way sorry the last time a submited the wrong url silly me...:/

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Yu-Gi-Oh ! Webring

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