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Webrings Anonymous - YOU'VE FOUND A WEBRING CENTRAL RING! (***This ring is for personal sites, not commercial ones.***) Do you spend hours se

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Webrings Anonymous

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YOU'VE FOUND A WEBRING CENTRAL RING! (***This ring is for personal sites, not commercial ones.***) Do you spend hours searching for new webrings to join? Do you belong to so many of them that you now get personalized letters from the webring owners? Can you add HTML code to your webring page in your sleep? Did I say "page"? I mean PAGES. If so, then this is the webring for you. No weekly weigh-ins. No seminars to attend. But maybe we could all sing Kumbaya at the same time if you really want some of that togetherness stuff.

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Living Ecologically
The purpose of this web site is to provide a list of resources on the net that deal with ecological issues. While by no means comprehensive, this list will hopefully provide a useful collection of links to relevant information.
Such an Animal
A little of this, a little of that - but all animal...
Frank's World
Hello and welcome to Frank's World! This is my personal homepage, where I write about all kinds of topics that pop up in my head. Check it out.
Dissatisfied Customers of the Green Tortoise
"Dharma and Greg", this isn't. A ring for those telling the other side of the story of the "legendary hippy tour line" - one of abusive treatment of customers, fraud, baiting of the handicapped and much more, including the story of the man they left begging for food in the middle of a desert. If this is "peace and love", then please give me war. Site returning to the ring after the membership plan confusion.
Website Addicts Anonymous
If you spend a little too much time on the internet, resulting in the creation of hundreds of different websites, this is the site for you!

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Webrings Anonymous

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· Community Created 01/30/2000
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