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United States Business & Politics - Anything to do with United States business and politics, the economy, rivalries with china, terrorism, war, the bush adm

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United States Business & Politics

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Manager: lilithezine
Anything to do with United States business and politics, the economy, rivalries with china, terrorism, war, the bush administration, clinton, reagan, dick cheney, the cold war, richard nixon, deep throat, war profits, oil profits, the oil industry, the automotive industry, the airline/airplane industry, recession, depression. The United States is currently in a war-induced recession and owes money to the Chinese government. Meanwhile, the Chinese economy is booming and we're busy twiddling our fingers and worried about some stupid war in the middle-east when we really should be more concerned about LOSING the trade war against China. And we ARE losing. The United States government is currently over $7 trillion dollars in debt, and much of that debt is actually loaned to us from, you guessed it, China. American business and politics is uniquely glued together due to our capitalist society. The problem is that China is now bigger capitalists than we are. Our car companies are moving to China for cheaper labour and soon the airline industries will follow suit. The only way for us to stay competitive is better education systems, except universities these days are too expensive... so what is to become of the United States when this recession turns into a depression?

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Ronald Reagan, The Mis-Comunicator
Reagan in his own words. Was he sick when he was president? Stooge. Great confession of Ron and Nancy in background.
Google Vs. Microsoft - The Fight Over Yahoo's Remains
Since the dawn of Microsoft Windows, Bill Gates has been determined to buy out all of his competition. Companies have fallen before the ink of his pen. With lots of money to waste and a monopoly to maintain, Microsoft's only concern is companies that refuse to be bought. Companies like Google. Instead Google is doing their own share of buying, and both Microsoft & Google want to
The Automotive eZine
Car news for motorheads and people who think modern sports cars and supercars are works of beauty.
Who Are You Tryin' To Kid
A snarky commentary on the republicans, democrats and everyone in between.
U.S. Capitalist Party
Three branches of government can only be resolved with three parties. The Capitalists are missing.

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United States Business & Politics

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