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Trumpet WebRing - A collection of websites dedicated to all trumpet players and the trumpet itself.

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Trumpet WebRing

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Manager: franknordbergno
A collection of websites dedicated to all trumpet players and the trumpet itself.

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TROMPETA - mailing list - lista de distribución
IN SPANISH -- EN ESPAÑOL -- Discussions in Spanish about anything to do with the TRUMPET and other instruments in the same family (fluegelhorn, cornet, etc.). -- Conversaciones en español sobre todo lo relacionado con la TROMPETA y otros instrumentos de la misma familia (fliscorno, cornetín, etc.).
The Trumpet Revolution
This is a flashy site built for trumpet players trying to escape the oppresion of woodwind instruments. You can come here to insult woodwind players and tell other trumpet players how much better they are than woodwind players.
Music Ala Brass
This is a collection of essays and articles as well as sound files relating to the professional experiences of Nick Drozdoff, trumpet artist and physicist.
Dave's Trumpet Page
Dave's trumpet page with awesome links and information
Dan's Trumpet and Brass Page.
This site is dedicated to the trumpet and other brass instruments. It is also the home of OPERATION: Trompet. Come on in to find out more!

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