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Three Bars Descendants - Three Bars was the most prolific Quarter Horse bloodline of the 20th century, but ironically he was a Thoroughbred. The

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Three Bars Descendants

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Manager: okieshadow
Three Bars was the most prolific Quarter Horse bloodline of the 20th century, but ironically he was a Thoroughbred. The description states that he was "from Quarter Horse parents," that is incorrect. His parents were Thoroughbreds. His sire was Percentage and his dam was Myrtle Dee. A horse cannot become a "famous Thoroughbred racing horse" from Quarter Horse parents. Only Jockey Club registered horses can compete in Thoroughbred racing and they must be from Thoroughbred parents to be registered. It is true that Three Bars was "made a member of the Quarter Horse Hall of Fame," but it was due to his ability to sire extraordinary Quarter Horses which continued down through his progeny. Most Quarter Horses in the 21st century have at least one cross in their pedigree to this great horse.


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Three Bars Descendants

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