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The love of a pit - The goal of this ring is to get everyone to love the AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER, and to be good to them.

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The love of a pit

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Manager: suezqo2
The goal of this ring is to get everyone to love the AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER, and to be good to them.

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The Ravens Red to the Bone Kennels
Its all about Red Nose Pits,American Pitbull Terriers,red nose pitbulls,AAPBT APBT.My love affair with these dogs spans more than 30 first love was a black n white little old family colby. Always true to my hillbilly roots I fell head over heels with The Red Nose Pit. Superior Stud service available as well as top quality puppies. Never overbred! Kennel owned and operated souley by women.
Scotton's Pit Yard
Breeder in SE TN. striving to breed quality APBT. Bloodlines include Jeep,Colby,Camelot,Boyles, and a few others
Save The Pit Bulls
The site for everything pit bull. We have all the information you want including facts/myths, pictures, history, petitions, and everything in between.
Pam's Pits
Our dogs are bred for temperament, conformation, pulling, and protection. The dogs raised here are show quality dogs. They can handle any activity that you may call for them to perform. Every dog or puppy we sell has a Health Guarantee. We are not a puppy mill and only breed to get quality puppies with great bloodlines.
Skelly's REAL Pits
The purpose of my site is to promote the positive aspects of the breed, provide information and assistance with any questions, and to post pictures of APBTs with children, other animals, or doing something extraordinary.

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The love of a pit

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