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The Whole Heart - Find here all manner of (clean) romantic/life partner relationship and potential relationship advice, especially but not

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The Whole Heart

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Manager: genessa
Find here all manner of (clean) romantic/life partner relationship and potential relationship advice, especially but not limited to the lonely heart.  The whole heart is one that can love and accept love, and even so it is sometimes hard to know how to behave.  You will need to consult a different ring if you are simply seeking companionship, as this is not a dating ring, but rather, a collection of sites to advise you how to proceed in finding true love, or how to keep it once you've found it!  Pictured:  An early 18th-century engraving depicting a married Frenchwoman advising her potential lovers to emulate her pet spaniel thusly (in loose translation):  "This dog who obeys me, must be used as your model.  He is gallant, discreet, obliging and faithful.  If you want to be my lover, you must imitate him."  Conceived and painted by Jacques Coutin, and Engraved by J.B. of Poilly.  By the way, we DO know this is bad advice unless followed by BOTH parties, right?


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True story of a chance meeting at a graveyard. One lost his wife and the other lost his girl. After 20 years they arrive at the same place and time and an old hurt comes back.
lionheart -- my dream
About my dreams of having a family, my separation from my baby son (now a young man!) and more.
genessa -- advice!
Lady G expounds upon love, and offers solid (and squishy) advice, her own and that of others.
Kirsty Can Help
Kirsty Davies is an award winning psychologist, relationship expert and qualified sex therapist. Now for the first time ever she brings her unique service onto the web
In the Morning's Glare - A poem about broken hearts
Utopian Atlantis - Love & Friendship Greetings. Original poetry and greetings to send to friends and loved ones to spread love and friendship. Missing you, I Love You, Have a Wonderful day, Holiday Greetings, Valentines, and many more plus links to wonderful graphics, music and fun things to do. Hope to see you soon :)

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The Whole Heart

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