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The Webring of Feminism - Lilith - The Angelic Reality of Feminism:  Lilith is the divine personification of feminity, with all its strength

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The Webring of Feminism

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Manager: lilithezine
Lilith - The Angelic Reality of Feminism:  Lilith is the divine personification of feminity, with all its strength and beauty. Women will not be trampled upon by patriarchal religions. We will not suffer the indignity of slavery to a male-dominated religion. God is a hermaphrodite, both male and female. Adam and Lilith were both created from clay. We are all equal. ALL WOMEN ARE FEMINISTS, BECAUSE ALL WOMEN BELIEVE IN EQUALITY.


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Goddesses and Female Archetypes of the World
A collection of over 100 different goddesses and female archetypes from myths and legends.
Nature Equals Woman?
The Ecofeminist Thang.
Introduction to Ecofeminism
The past few decades have witnessed an enormous interest in both the women's movement and the ecology (environmental) movement. Many feminists have argued that the goals of these two movements are mutually reinforcing; ultimately they involve the development of worldviews and practices that are not based on male-biased models of domination.
I am a Muslim and a Feminist
Asma Gull Hasan, 29, considers herself an All American Girl. Her hobbies include collecting Barbie dolls, skiing and snowboarding. But she is also a serious-minded Muslim who continues to be in her faith because of the guidance and ecstasy she receives from it.
Islam and Feminism - Are the barriers coming down?
If there is common ground to be found between Western feminists and women in the Muslim world, it is being discovered slowly—but thoughtfully—by women from both secular and religious backgrounds.

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The Webring of Feminism

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