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The Royal Family - Untitled document Sites in this ring have content on Royals, Royal Families of UK and Europe.

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The Royal Family

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Manager: peterwesternuk
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Sites in this ring have content on Royals, Royal Families of UK and Europe.


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Find Your Family
Search for your family links at,family, search,genealogy,databases,17,000 links to cemeteries,links to databases 800,000 names, censuses, censuses, passenger lists, Free Searchable Databases-Royals-Famous-Historic-Your Family?, automated genealogy , Genealogy search for European ancestors,
A new page I have just recently started. It has some pictures, a few webrings, a question poll, and a guestbook. I was e-mailed about joining the ring through my Diana page but I would prefer to put the ring on my Prince William page if that is acceptable. Thanks
Prince William of Windsor
This site includes pictures, links, and a very short bio.
Prince Harry of Windsor
There aren't enough sites on Prince Harry, so this website is dedicated to him. It includes links and pictures.
The Life and Secrets of Almina Carnarvon
Almina Carnarvon has left behind a curse as deadly as the one that overshadowed her legendry husband, George Edward Stanhope Molyneux Herbert, the 5th Earl of Carnarvon, co-discoverer with Howard Carter of the Tomb of Tutankhamun. She ploughed through a King’s ransom, inherited from one of the Rothschild family, leaving her playboy son enraged. In the Great War she reigned supreme as a Society leader who abandoned her comfy drawing room to treat wounded Officers at her own expense. Her later plush Nursing Homes served the rich, famous and privileged, earning her celebrity status She controlled men like a puppet master but she lost everything to bankruptcy. This book offers insight into Almina’s life and times and discloses many secrets. The narrative reveals a riches-to-rags story over nine decades of the barely 5 feet high, Pocket Venus plunge

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The Royal Family

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Would you like to join this WebRing community? Here is more information from the manager:

This ring is for websites that have content on members of the British Royal Family. As there are many connections between other European Royal houses and families and in order to increase the potential traffic for members I am happy to invite site owners who have sites for other Royals. I have a keen interest in the Royal Family, specifically its Genealogy. Please submit your site for consideration. It should ideally have at least 50% Royal content and not hidden somewhere on the site.

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