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The Ring of Anime Fanart - Finally, a ring with some DECENT fanart.

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The Ring of Anime Fanart

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Finally, a ring with some DECENT fanart.

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My art page
Some of my own characters and some anime characters from movies.
Studio Subby
a site dedicated to my artwork(fanart,fancels , original anime styled art, as well as photo manipulation)anime, fanart,fancels,punk, goth
Chococat101's Fanfics
Has Fanfics, Fanarts, Awards, free layouts, awards, polls, and more
carrots and tea
Fanart from the weird to the wired. Come on in and munch on some "carrots", everyone knows that carrots are good for the eyes ;)
Milan's Anime Post
My site is a dedicated Anime site. The main drawings are of Dragonball Z and Ranma 1/2. I will be creating my own manga but it will be quite some time before I finish. I have other misc. anime's and some of my own creations. My site will be updated constantly so check for updates often.

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The Ring of Anime Fanart

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