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The Politics & Issues Webring - Politics, political commentary and/or political art. Websites about war, violence, censorship, activism, activists, Bara

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The Politics & Issues Webring

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Politics, political commentary and/or political art. Websites about war, violence, censorship, activism, activists, Barack Obama, John McCain, George W Bush, Bill Clinton, JFK, the United States, activists, feminists, politicians, freedom of speech, human rights, sex, the economy, paintings, drawings, women/feminism in politics, unocal oil, the oil industry, the corrupt energy sector, afghanistan, iraq, corruption, dictator, world, theory, destruction, intelligence, stupidity, law, military, army, navy, air force, NASA, taxes, government, executive branch, legislative, independent agencies, judicial, coast guard, gays in the military, homosexuals in politics, gay rights, marines, marine corps, military police, national guard, reserve officers, special operations, veterans, slaughter, coup, civil war, church-state issues, the vatican, federal politics, parties and groups, bribery, state politics, gun legislation, the 2nd amendment, the 5th amendment, israel, genocide, palestinian concentration camps, boycotts, capitalism, extortion, communism, socialism, the almighty american dollar, abortion rights, feminist rights, sexual rights, monica lewinsky, sex in the oral/oval office.


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The Politics eZine
Articles about Business, Economics, Politics, Terrorism & War. Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Business, Economics, Global Warming & Climate Change.
Who Are You Tryin' To Kid
A snarky commentary on the republicans, democrats and everyone in between.
The twisted humor of Sheila K Watkins
Political commentary mostly aimed towards/at Bush
Wallingford Views
Liberal minded and politically opinionated questions raised by a concerned citizen...
Uncensored Opinions on American Politics and Economy
This site consist of my personal(uncensored)opinions on what I consider important economic and political issues. They represent what I consider to an accurate description of issues rather than what others think appropriate and politically correct to publish. There is an almost complete self-censorship in the establishment media whose intention is not to inform the reading public, but t

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The Politics & Issues Webring

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