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The Objectivism WebRing - A major principle of qualitative research and tenet of the posivitist model, which sugests that knowledge relies on obse

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The Objectivism WebRing

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A major principle of qualitative research and tenet of the posivitist model, which sugests that knowledge relies on observations and events. Objectivism relies heavily on sensory or mechanical data. Ayn Rand was the pioneer in the 1950's and from this, came a lot of the 60's-70's movements in the West.


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Starship Aurora
An organization to promote the objectivist philosophy of astronautics.
Chris Matthew Sciabarra
Dialectics and liberty site: Dr. Sciabarra has authored "Marx, Hayek, and Utopia" and "Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical." In the latter book, he argues that Ayn Rand was highly dialectical. Sciabarra and Mimi Gladstein are co-editors of "Feminist Interpretations of Ayn Rand". Sciabarra is finishing "Total Freedom", the third in his dialectics trilogy. He offers internet courses on dialectics.
Eyal Mozes on Objectivism
A sample of the writings of Eyal Mozes. He has published material in a number of journals, including articles on technical philosophy in the offline periodical "Objectivity".
Executive Briefing: Einstein's Theory of Relativity
Formulated to cut right through the haze; here, Einstein's Theory of Relativity is elucidated to net satisfaction on a single page, in regular language, without any math. The essay especially illuminates how the universe would be reductio ad absurdum without relativity.
Atlas Shrugged Celebration Day
The primary purpose of this web site is to organize and promote the annual gathering of interested objectivists (in Ouray, Colorado) on September 2nd. The secondary purpose of this web site is to provide a real, Internet based, environment and discussion board where an objectivist may converse with other objectivists in a civilized, constructive, manner. What would you talk about if you were in Galt's Gulch?

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