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The HugoNet - Webring of sites worshipping Australian actor Hugo Weaving

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The HugoNet

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Webring of sites worshipping Australian actor Hugo Weaving

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Deirty Hugo
This is a place to bask in the glory that is Hugo Weaving. So come on over and bask with the rest of us that worship Hugo.
Elven Magic
Webpage in tribute to the Master of Rivendell, (Elrond), the High King of Noldor, (Gil-Galad) and the Lord of Lorien (Celeborn). Artwork, Fan Fiction, Photo Manipulations, and Wallpapers
Shadows of Twilight
A fan site for Elrond from Lord of the Rings. Info, pics, wallpaper and more.
Imladris A Hugo Weaving Gallery
Gallery for Elrond and Smith pictures. Links to Hugo Links page on my website. Part of "Bow and Quiver," my site dedicated to the LOTR Movie-verse. Adjacent to my award-winning RbB site.
Website devoted to Agents Smith, Jones & Brown. Agent-kiss-o-matic, AAA, Agent Diaries and more...

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The HugoNet

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The HugoNet
The HugoNet
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