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The Healing Circle - This ring is for those who help others heal - to put things right that once went wrong and move people, animals, the wor

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The Healing Circle

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Manager: energywebring
This ring is for those who help others heal - to put things right that once went wrong and move people, animals, the world and themselves into the direction of the Even Flow.


This includes emotional healing, mind healing, physical healing, energy body healing, spiritual healing, inner child healing and healing therapies.

We invite all healers of mind, body and spirit to join THE HEALING CIRCLE.


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Gold'n Light Healing accepts healing requests
My name is Marsha and I am an energy healer. I offer free distant healing and I accept prayer and healing requests by email.
Reiki Energy Healing
Introduction to energy healing with Reiki from a second degree Reiki healer. Online healing circles, Reiki infused jewelry, books about Reiki, healing music and links to receiving Reiki attunements through DVDs and videos.
Pure Energy Magic Spells, Rituals & Potions
Lovingly crafted energy magic spells, healing spells, potion recipes, rituals, meditations, mp3s, symbol galleries, online divination, "Ask SFX" magic advice column & more - come visit!
Sacred Serpent - Path of Wisdom and Oneness
A site dedicated to planetary and individual healing through the sacred paths of shamanism, Yoga and Goddess spirituality. Soul retrieval, distance healing, past life healing, removal of entities, crystal essences, and more. Many authentic articles on shamanism, sacred plants, medicine ceremonies, Mother Earth, spiritual growth. Magickally charged crystal jewellery, handmade incenses, spiritual cleansing baths and other helpful items. All are welcome!
KALI's Sacred Sex
Shamanista (Sexual Healer)

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The Healing Circle

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