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The CLAMP Fanfiction Webring - Seeks to bring together all CLAMP Fanfiction Sites

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The CLAMP Fanfiction Webring

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Manager: animationturnpike
Seeks to bring together all CLAMP Fanfiction Sites

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Firecat Fanfics
Home of "Sakura and Snow" and other CLAMP-based fanfiction, mostly set in the milieu of Tokyo Babylon/X/CCD. Includes M/M content, some adult material.
V_The Visitors_Revenge RPG Character List
Come join the fun in viewing what is being claimed as the top "V" RPG on the web today. This website will associate you with the characters involved and will provide you with a link to the actual group, as well as a link to see many other exciting RPGS, fanfics, and websites involving Science Fiction, Fantasy, and many more topics. Come see TODAY!
Juki-Chan's Anime Emporium
Juki's Anime Emporium: The coolest general anime site out there! Fanfiction, Fanart, midis, image gallerys, fic challenges, and even a RPG!! What more could ya want?
This contains finished works and finished portions of projects that I might possibly finish this millennium (or not). I tend to do funny or mood pieces. At the moment there is nothing steamier than a few innuendoes.
V: The Visitors' Revenge. A RPG for everyone to enjoy.
There has never been a war quite as horrific as the one Earth fought against the Sirrian race. Their leaders, Diana in particular, corrupted and murdered for resources humans need to survive. The humans were finally victorious and defeated the aliens. Or so it seemed...? The Sirrians are back, and they want revenge. Come rejoin the Resistance, and fight the second battle for humanity. Click any V to

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The CLAMP Fanfiction Webring

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