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The Breasts Webring - Anything about Breasts, both female and male (admittedly we rarely talk about the male breast). Breast cancer, breast su

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The Breasts Webring

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Manager: lilithezine
Anything about Breasts, both female and male (admittedly we rarely talk about the male breast). Breast cancer, breast surgery, censorship, toplessness/topfreedom, playboy, pornography, erotica, stereotypes, female archetypes, bras, lingerie, sexuality, breastfeeding, slang terms, Debunking pornographic stereotypes of women and exploring the natural beauty found in all women. --This is a ring for people who understand feminism can be feminine, freethinkers and women who dare to be different from traditional sterotypes. Sites with tasteful artistic (breast) nudity are welcomed but pornography is not (all sites must be female-friendly). This ring is a place for women to "get what's bugging them, off their chest." (pun intended). It's hopeful in the future to attract stories (even photographs) from women who have had mastectomies, breastfeeding information, or other breast-related problems for readers to learn about and understand the painful realities that exist for real women --any information or stories about natural breast issues. Society really needs to hear from the silent female majority.


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Breastfeeding on Cue
Examining the Evidence for Breastfeeding Infants on Cue.
Goddesses and Female Archetypes of the World
A collection of over 100 different goddesses and female archetypes from myths and legends.
Top Freedom News
Fighting For Women's Equality - Fashion Models Go Topless, So Why Can't We?
Supermodels Vs Feminists
Off the top of your head name a famous feminist. I don't count, because I'm not that famous. Okay, now name a supermodel. See how much easier it was to name some anorexic bimbo. I've already made my point.
The Fashion Prostitution Industry
The Fashion Industry is a Prostitution Ring in Disguise: Fashion models are in essence high-society prostitutes. Legalized prostitution for the wealthy.

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The Breasts Webring

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