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The Best Star Trek Fan-Fiction on the Web! - A collection of Star Trek Fan-Fiction web Pages, come on! JOIN!

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The Best Star Trek Fan-Fiction on the Web!

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A collection of Star Trek Fan-Fiction web Pages, come on! JOIN!

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Kraith Collected - ST: ToS
Kraith is the alternate Star Trek universe created by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, (Primary Author of Star Trek Lives! and founder of Star Trek Welcommittee.) Over 50 people contributed. See a different view of Vulcan. Learn about the Star Trek Connection underlying everything on
Star Trek Showcase
Original Christian Inspirational Romance set in the Star Trek: The Original Series Universe, written by Sharon Emily in the mid-1970's, when she was a Pastor's wife, and now posted on with permission of the author. This was written before the commercial category of Inspirational Romance took off.
Star Trek: Pioneer
Join the adventures Captain Benjamin Kelsoe and the crew of the Federation starship Pioneer.
Shades of Blue
A Voyager site wich has character profiles, fanfic, episode reviews, a gallery, and links page.
Star Trek TNG; Peace Offering
The galaxy faces a threat that not even the Q Continuum can touch. The Being from Star Trek V is restless. This powerful creature finds an ally in Sela. Meanwhile the Romulans offer a 21st century human to the Federation. Picard is sent to accept, but he fears he's walking into a trap. With the powerful Being on the loose, and a Federation Admiral plotting against him, the Romulans are the least of Picard's worries.

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The Best Star Trek Fan-Fiction on the Web!

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