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TV's Greatest Horror Hosts - Sites dedicated to remembering Television Horror Hosts such as Zacherley, Jeepers Creepers, Dr. Mazeppa Pompazoidi, Coun

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TV's Greatest Horror Hosts

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Manager: opossumsal1
Sites dedicated to remembering Television Horror Hosts such as Zacherley, Jeepers Creepers, Dr. Mazeppa Pompazoidi, Count Gregore, M.T. Graves, Seymour, Elvira and many more from the 1950s to the present. Descriptions of the hosts, the shows, pics and sounds....a history of the most beloved television personality: the TV Horror Host.


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Dante's Domicile
Official website of the television show, Dante's Domicile, which features independent and homemade short horror films, trailers, trivia, and Secrets Galore Behind the Gore.
Austin Texas horror host The Immortal Seth Lazarus serves up pure terror and classic films......Abandon hope all y'all who enter here!
Steven Nedelton writes suspenseful novels with crime, mystery, paranormal and noir. His published titles are: "Crossroads," "The Raven Affair," "Fear!," "Tunnel/The Lost Diary" and "Coma Sins." Three of his novels were evaluated by the Midwest Book Review, The US Review of Books and Apex Reviews and were rated 'Five Stars.' "Fear!" received a special recognition from the MBR Journal. The novels are available in Kindle, Nook and paperback and can be ordered from his web site,
Zacherley Life Mask
Life Masks of John Zacherle (Zacherley) done in a limited edition of 100 by artist Barbara Broido. Also, T-shirts silk screened with the Cool Ghoul's likeness and other goodies... copyright 1999-2001 by John Zacherle and Barbara Broido Designs
House of Jitters
House of Jitters is a cobweb site and spook show hosted by Dr. Jitters and Nurse Titters! Tribute is paid to our inspiration, the Acri Creature Feature, as well as other horror hosts and kiddie show hosts. Original content and public domain monster movies, clips and trailers, plus much more fun, make this cobweb site one that you'll want to visit again and again.

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TV's Greatest Horror Hosts

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