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Spirit of New England - A webring just about New Englanders. Come tour through personal sites in the northeast. The cities. The resorts. The gol

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Spirit of New England

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A webring just about New Englanders. Come tour through personal sites in the northeast. The cities. The resorts. The golf.




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Railroads on Cape Cod
The railroad that operated to Cape Cod was part of the New York, New Haven & Hartford. It went all the way to Provincetown. Except for short lines and tourist railroads, there isn't much left except a rich heritage.
The Train Ride to Choate
In a National Railway Historical Society Bulletin, Edgar T. Mead described a trip to Choate in the 1930's. The article was about a train trip from New York City to Choate School which is located in Wallingford, CT which Meade made in 1937. In 1988, I wrote an article about what we had lost or gained over 50 years. I then decided to update this for changes over the last 10 years, as well as over the last 60.
Connecticut Freight Railroads
What railroads serve Connecticut? A listing of Connecticut towns and what railroads serve them for rail freight. All about the freight railroads that serve Connecticut. There is no "brrreeeport" in Connecticut, but there is a Bridgeport, and a lot of other great towns.
New Haven Railroad Home Page
Of interest to the railroad manager, railfans, advocates of super railroads, railroad historians. Links to many rail-related organizations and museums. The one source to go to for history of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad. New England's Railroad!
The Central New England Railway Bus Tour.2011
The Central New England Railway (CNE) came from northern Connecticut and west across the Hudson River in New York to Maybrook. It crossed the great bridge at Poughkeepsie. It later became part of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad. In the past few years our tours have covered almost all of the old CNE. The 2011 tour will cover the CNE between Simsbury and Norfolk, CT. This section covers some well known wreck sites and also Satan's Kingdom and Winsted.

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Spirit of New England

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