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Soaring - Welcome to the Soaring web ring! This web ring links web sites interested in Soaring. Full scale soaring in gliders capa

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Welcome to the Soaring web ring! This web ring links web sites interested in Soaring. Full scale soaring in gliders capable of carrying a human pilot. Soaring in gliders via aero-tow, auto-tow and winch launch. Soaring in ridge lift, wave lift and thermals. All sites all over the world are welcome to join. From the early flights nearly a century ago, to the modern sailplanes of today, join us in this wonderful sport by checking out the web sites.




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Foothills Flight Park - Hangglide Instruction
Learn to hangglide at Foothills Flight Park! FFP offers structured hanggliding education through both 'Aerotow' sessions and the traditional 'Foot-Launch' training method. FFP is located in the beautiful foothills region of NC.
Macka Pics - Sailplanes, Aviation, Travel, Nature
Mostly heavily biased towards photographs of gliding (sailplanes), other aviation, travel and nature photography.
Welcome to the Glider Pilot UK Website
Welcome to the Glider Pilot UK Website.This site looks especially at the SB-5 glider with contributions from owners as well as technical details
Discus SKy
Soaring adventures in the Canadian Rockies
Skyhi Visual Productions
Skyhi Visuals sells The Camera Suit and Malfunctions! A Visual Training Package. The Camera Suit is a custom jumpsuit designed for the freefall photographer. Malfunctions is a training aid for student skydivers consisting of 15, 11x17" plastic laminated color flashcards of 14 common malfunctioning parachutes and one good canopy, and two 15 minute videos, The Instructional and Drill v

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