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Sheep - The earliest writings of man mention their flocks of sheep. Today, there are many breeds to choose from. Some are bette

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The earliest writings of man mention their flocks of sheep. Today, there are many breeds to choose from. Some are better for meat and milk and others are best known for their wool. There are short hair sheep breeds in addition to long hair breeds. Members of Wide World of Sheep maintain websites on their sheep herds. They provide necessary nutritional, breeding, genetics, and husbandry issues affecting the breeds they specialize in. Anyone already breeding sheep, showing sheep in various livestock and sheep shows,  or just wanting to add a few to their ranch will find valuable information in this webring.


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Berry Hill Shetlands
We are a small farm in the Pacific Northwest dedicated to raising our small flock of Shetland Sheep. We also process their natural colored wool into roving and mill-spun yarn that we sell both at shows and over the internet.
Manasan Farm LTD
Raising the finest in purebred Hampshire sheep since 1954.
Rocky Top Farm
A small farm in central New York State with a small crossbred spinners' flock and a developing flock of Clun Forest breeding stock. Specializing in fine sheep, fine spinning wool, and herbs.
Located just outside Kansas City Missouri, We offer fiber processing from washing to roving.
Deer Run Sheep Farm
Located in eastern West Virginia, we have a small, select flock of registered natural colored and white Coopworth, and Coopworth/Bluefaced Leicester cross sheep bred for beautiful, prizewinning handspinning fleeces and ease of care. Selling wool, roving, yarn and locker hooking supplies to crafters and healthy breeding stock. Lots of great Sheep and Fiber links on my "Links"

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