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Shamanism Community - Shamanism, the world's oldest healing tradition, can be found in all cultures on Earth. The Shamanism Community is devot

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Shamanism Community

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Manager: zohrala
Shamanism, the world's oldest healing tradition, can be found in all cultures on Earth. The Shamanism Community is devoted to honoring the spiritual teachings of animals, walking gently upon the earth, and healing in general. We are rated appropriate for all ages.

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Siberian Shamanism
Traditional Siberian shamanism -- consisting mostly of texts not available elsewhere on the internet.
Transdisciplinary Comparative Studies
Comparative tables in shamanism, mysticism, philosophy, and mythology, drawn from diverse traditional sources worldwide.
Sacred Serpent - Path of Wisdom and Oneness
A website for the promotion of Shamanism, Goddess Spirituality, Women's Empowerment, Earth Matters, Magick, Yoga, Shiva consciousness as tools to spiritual growth, Oneness and enlightenment. Articles on shamanism, sacred plants, dreams, Goddess spirituality, Yoga as a spiritual path, workshops, medicine ceremonies, distance healing, entity removal and more!
Animal Gifts ~ for the Spirit! Collectible Animals
Wildlife Animal Figurines Statues Oil Warmers Lighted Dolphins Clocks Candleholders lamps bookends and more of our Spiritual Animals. Native American philosophy teaches that Spiritual animal guides impart Spiritual comfort, wisdom, strength and healing. When we pray, if we listen with our hearts, we may find answers through God's messengers ~ the animals. manic-depressive diary
bipolar diary of my moods and memories written mostly in stream of consciousness mode. family photos,poetry,and kitty pages. links to inspirational,friendsh ip,and humor pages that i have created.

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Shamanism Community

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