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Screaming In Silence

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A community bringing the stories of people strugging with mental health issues such as Anorexia, Bulimia, self-injury, depression and more.  Some will offer you hope and support; others just the story of their personal struggle with mental health.  Eating disorders are a common problem in society today and are represented in depth here.




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Out Of A Pro-Ana Darkness and Into the Light Of Recover
Site was pro-ana but I have since seen the light of reality. Original essays, poems, stories and a novel-in-progress about the deadly world of eating disorders by one who knows the hell it really is.
The Limbic Region Emotion Central
A safe have for those to come together and be able to talk without fear of discrimination, or the be gawked at by the perptators of stigmatism. On the web site you may store your poems, etc. On the groups, share your thoughts with others like yourself.
My Big Fat Bipolar Disorder
My Big Fat Bipolar Disorder is intended to be a memoir of my long-term, ongoing struggles with bipolar disorder. I am a woman with bipolar disorder and a Master's in psych. I hope that others impacted by bipolar will find this information useful.
In Darkness Bleeding
This website relates my experiences with insanity, cutting, violence, anger, addiction, institutions, rehab,state run programs, psychiatric medications and things of this nature.
Treating Depression
Find help in treating depression. Dr. Neil Nedley will use medication if needed but uses natural treatments that will turn your life around.

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Screaming In Silence

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