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Sanskrit - Sanskrit: the divine and oldest living language. Learn and enjoy!

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Manager: lazarst
Sanskrit: the divine and oldest living language. Learn and enjoy!

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Languages & Scripts of India
Classical and modern Indian languages. Indian scripts. Brahmi, Siddham. Ancient manuscripts, bijaksharas, mantras. Chronologies, coins. Oriya, Bengali, Konkani, Kashmiri, Tamil etc links.
Sanskrit on-line dictionary
Links to on-line Sanskrit dictionaries: Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary, Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon, Sanskrit Dictionary search
Sanskrit Granthalaya
Selected books for learning and enjoying Sanskrit. Also links to on-line Sanskrit resources.
Ganesh, hindu god of India
More than 300 pictures of the beloved God Ganesh, in India and Nepal; sanskrit glossary related to hindu words. Legends, cults, tantrism, forms, godesses; french and english
The Life and Reforms of Rajah Ram Mohun Roy
My ancestor is Ram Mohan Roy (1772 - 1833), who is sometimes called the father of modern India. He founded a movement for a renaissance of Hindu culture in 19th century Bengal. He was the first person to translate the Vedas into a modern language and challenged traditional culture by organizing religious dissenters and championing educational, social and political reforms....

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