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Essays and articles on Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism at by the Rev. Michael McCormick, an American Buddhist minister who was ordained at Mount Minobu Kuon-ji in Japan and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his family.

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The Seven Parables in the Lotus Sutra
(1) Parable of the Burning House - Ch.3, (2) Parable of a Poor Son - Ch.4, (3) Parable of the Herbs - Ch.5, (4) Parable of the Magic City - Ch.7, (5) Parable of the Hidden Gem - Ch.8, (6) Parable of the Gem in the Topknot - Ch.14, and (7) Parable of the Excellent Physician - Ch.16.
The Vedic Cosmology
Ancient Indian views of the Universe through a medieval Japanese lens....
The Wizard of Oz as a Buddhist Parable
I had this flash of inspiration the other day (back in '96), whereupon I realized that T'ien T'ai's teaching concerning the Five Periods of Shakyamuni Buddha's teaching and the Three Ages of the Law are clearly illustrated in the Wizard of Oz. I hope that others will find this helpful in their practice of Buddhism....
Does Buddhism Work?
"This is from a Dharma talk I gave at the temple in March 2000. Before and since giving this talk I have heard stories about the actual practical effects of Odaimoku which were very encouraging and even deeply moving. So I do not discount the 'benefits' of chanting Odaimoku, far from it. Whether they are miracles or not, they are wonderful examples of the Buddha Dharma at work in our lives. However...."
Dragons & Demons in Buddhism
Learn about the Dragon King & his Daughter who attained Enlightenment in the Lotus Sutra, and the Demon Mother Kishimo-jin & her rakshasa daughters: all protective deities who are present on the Great Mandala of the Nichiren School.

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