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Role Playing Sites and Forums - A collection of sites all promoted to one role playing games. Be sure to visit each of them, pick the one

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Role Playing Sites and Forums

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A collection of sites all promoted to one role playing games. Be sure to visit each of them, pick the ones you like, and start playin!

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Magic School & Demon Academy
Come to learn magic! Creae a character and roleplay! Based on Charmed, no knowledge of the series a witch, demon or what ever you decide, join in.
King Arthurs Realm
Set in Medeval England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland , France and Rome, in the time of King Arthur and the knights of the round table. Create your own character(s) to; Fight battles win 'fair ladies hearts' slay dragons go on mystical quests fight the celts picts scots and romans play with fire and magic with the druids become a knight or live your life as a peasant lord or lad
Battlestar Galactica
We made the mistake…we made them. And now they are killing us. We don’t know if we have a chance to survive, but we’re sure gonna fight every step of the way. May the Gods of Kobal bless us all. “So say we all” You must be 18+ to join, with your age in your yahoo profile.
Island of Instincts
Island of Instincts is an all species Animal RPG where you take on the form of the animals and live out their lives. From the mountain tops to the valley lows, there is a place for every creature on the island.
Sierra: School of the High Mountians
Sierra is a RPG that is loosely based on Harry Potter, so if you like HP you might like this as well. Well, most of the drama is about the racisim that occurs in this school. Though some people have none, and other choose to ignore it. Others go to a more extreame level. It is also about the minds interpretation of reality.

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Role Playing Sites and Forums

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