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Ring of Conservative Christian Sites - Christians must RESTORE Biblical morality and Christian principles to politics and government. All but two of our Foundi

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Ring of Conservative Christian Sites

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Manager: deke1942
Christians must RESTORE Biblical morality and Christian principles to politics and government. All but two of our Founding Fathers were Christians, not deists. They did not separate God from government. THE FIRST AMENDMENT WAS DRAFTED TO PREVENT GOVERNMENT FROM ESTABLISHING A FEDERAL RELIGION and interfering with the free exercise of our faith. ROCCS ACTIVELY follows their lead. We carry the Gospel of Christ to an unbelieving world, no matter how hard Liberal Socio-Fascists fight to stop us.

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Raiders News Update
Christian news and views updated daily. Top stories, conspiracy, prophecy, Bible helps, polls, interactive.
Christian Conservative Opinion Pages, The
RingMaster Deke's "take no prisoners" ministry. Practical application of Scripture, Op-Ed's, articles exposing the pseudoscientific EVOLUTION RELIGION and the church and State separation myth. O LORD free our country from the Liberal Socio-Fascist's death grip! DEKE SEZ: "NEVER TURN THE OTHER CHEEK TO AN ENEMY OR YOU'LL BE MINUS YOUR HEAD!" IF WE DON'T FIGHT FOR OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, NO ONE WILL!
ROCCS Home Page
The Ring Of Conservative Christian Sites membership requirements. Help files for members and new applicants. ROCCS Member's Bulletin.
KF6FNS' Lutheran Theology and Amateur Radio Page
Specializing in Lutheran Theology and Amateur Radio. Featuring cool links and silly stuff.
Honesty's Home
A site that is both patriotic and inspirational with pages reflecting God's love and pages regarding America's need for that love along with His grace, mercy, and truth.

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Ring of Conservative Christian Sites

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