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Professional Tarot & Astrology - Untitled document The aim of this Ring is to help you find good, dependable and effective reading services in the overw

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Professional Tarot & Astrology

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The aim of this Ring is to help you find good, dependable and effective reading services in the overwhelming mass of serious, and unfortunatly non-serious, sites on the web. Professional Tarot readers, Astrologists, Numerologists, Psychics and Intuitives charging fees for readings are welcomed and encouraged to join this Web Ring


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Lady Phineas Tarot & Oracle Readings
I provide General & Detailed Tarot & Oracle readings, Simple Question Tarot & Oracle Readings, Aura Readings(which requires a picture of client), Past Life readings, Daily Readings, Weekly Readings, Relationship & Family Matter readings, Business & Money readings, and Life Path readings. Astrology Charts & Reports Offers Personalized Birth, Spiritual and Career Astrology Interpretation. Also Accurate Computer Generated Birth and Future Return, Partnership Astrology Reports. Great fun for the whole family. Great inspiration for those who want to Master Their Strengths, Minimize Their Weaknesses. And Lots of Shopping Places.
genessa -- paranormal!
GENESSA is an online shopping mall specializing in jewelry but wide-ranging in interests. The PARANORMAL page focuses for now solely on dreams/ dream interpretation, which GENESSA does NOT consider strictly paranormal; topics to come may differ. GENESSA's Lady G dreams while awake, gets little REM sleep and no DELTA sleep. She sometimes directs her dreams, reads tarot cards,
Readings and Charts from experts
Discretion and knowledge.
Tarot Readings by Foucault - Tarot Readings by Foucault
Offering confidential tarot readings by e-mail. You can pay me what you think is appropriate, within your means, for the service you received. Follower of the Marseille tradition of tarot reading.

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Professional Tarot & Astrology

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