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PowerBuilder Developers' - The PowerBuilder Developer's WebRing has been designed to provide easy navigation between the vast amount of PowerBuilde

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PowerBuilder Developers'

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The PowerBuilder Developer's WebRing has been designed to provide easy navigation between the vast amount of PowerBuilder information available on the World Wide Web. A resource for developer's at ALL skill levels.

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Bill Nigh Powerbuilder Tips
Tips gleaned from ten years of working with Powerbuilder and various back-ends. Also has tips for Oracle, Sybase, other technologies. Bill offers services related to training, Client/Server development and related matters.
SOHO 2000, free business support system
Free Business Support System designed and developed in PowerBuilder for use by small to medium enterprises
Advanced Powerbuilder datawindows
dw-eXtreme sells graphically advanced Powerbuilder datawindow components based on the datawindow control in Powerbuilder, Pocketbuilder, Visual Studio and Appeon. You can view the components, download samples and purchase the source code for dw-eXtreme datawindow components.
GWEN is an acronymn for the words GlobalWare Enterprise Nucleus. It is intended to be a toolkit and remote management console for Caché database applications.
Casey Williams - Powerbuilder Systems Architect
Casey Williams is an applications developer who builds Client/Server applications using PowerBuilder as the primary front-end development tool. This site contains information about PowerBuilder as well as many databases including Oracle, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server.

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PowerBuilder Developers'

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