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Original Lyrics Writers Webring - Welcome To Original Lyrics Writers Webring.  A community that loves lyrics and enjoy writing them.

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Original Lyrics Writers Webring

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Welcome To Original Lyrics Writers Webring.  A community that loves lyrics and enjoy writing them.


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Ronda's Lyrics
This web site is a creation of my passion for writing lyrics in different genres: Rock, Pop, R&B Hip Hop and Slow Jam, Alternative, Country and Reggae. The inspiration comes from life’s personal experiences. There is also a message board to discuss the genre of music with other music fans.
Virtual Blues Reality
Dedicated to the passion, promotion and education of the Blues, virtually and internationally. For all blues fans and musicians, who appreciate eclectic, discriminating, genuine, fresh and often random articles.
I'm a 15 years old teenager that have passion for writting songs novel... at the same time i sing but i don't play any instrument and you'll find here the rhyming World of words writting by My own Hoping to be A succesful Singer and song writter
Entangled Havoc
A new blog for when I am moved to write something as a result of reading something. If you have a blog and write poems or lyrics then you may find that i've written something that is relative to, a response to, an expansion of or otherwise motivated by something that you've written.
DEY Bell
Anything goes lagasala kose the wine in the club, two hands up, nather the small something

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