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Mythos & Logos - The Mythos and Logos Webring is for sites about mind and soul; unity and diversity; and science and religion. Site topic

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Mythos & Logos

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Manager: theodora_maffat
The Mythos and Logos Webring is for sites about mind and soul; unity and diversity; and science and religion. Site topics include global mythology, world religion, Jungian analysis, cultural anthropology, folklore, philosophy, art, literature and history.

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Matters Mojo
Man is a storytelling ape. We weave our own stories from the threads of others' - this blog is my own little tapestry.
A Fool's Journey
I'm just a fool on a journey seeking after Gnosis. I share my tarot readings,quotes from my favorite Gnostic gospels,my insights,and my dreams. I'm still very much learning. Come learn with me.
Hermes' RecRoom and Trickster God Forum
A place to come pay your respects to the Hellenic god of thieves and travellers, as well as discuss the tricksters of a variety of other mythoi. A mix of that which is serious and that which is not, with nothing but your own wits to tell you which is which - as Hermes would have it, we imagine. Respectful nonpagans are welcome to take part : the emphasis is as much literary as it is religious.
The Diamond Body: Buckminster Fuller and the Qabala
Contemporary Qabala - Sacred Geometry, Synergetics ,Zero-Point Energy, the Tree of Life in Kabbalah, Jewish Merkabah Meditation, The Tarot and Pathworking, Ritual Magick, Quantum Physics and jungian models of reality are synergized in this excerpt from The Diamond Body: A Modern Alchemical View%
The Asklepia Foundation
Describes both the background and activities of Aesculapia Wilderness Retreat and The Institute for Applied Consciousness Science. Features the lifework of Graywolf Fred Swinney and the development of his dreamhealing process, CRP Creative Restructuring Process, and his work on the placebo effect and hologr

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Mythos & Logos

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