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Messages With Meaning - Messages With Meaning is about spreading special important messages through out the World. We have stories, experiences

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Messages With Meaning

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Messages With Meaning is about spreading special important messages through out the World. We have stories, experiences and even poems from all over the net about Drinking and driving, Child abuse, spouse abuse and many other different topics to make you aware and maybe even help you in different ways.

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Addiction. Drugs,drink,god,politics,family,sex. Whatever. Fight the fight. Is it hopeless? What are you fighting for? Give up? How does an addict feel? That's what this page is about.
Bonni's Personal Pages: Survivor
My story of a dysfunctional family, domestic violence, sexual assault, and attempted self-destruction, and how I healed from it.
Sime Center
Professional Writers donate stories and readers download the stories and PAYPAL money directly to the worthy cause being supported. The worthy cause may be an individual. We have a private detective who has donated his services to investigate and verify each individual cause. In the past we have supported Reading is Fundamental and Tsunami Relief as well as famous writing workshops plus a
In State Captivity: L.P. vs. New Jersey
I have written a book about my childhood. Not being guilty of anything if only abandoned by my family; I grew up in state run mental institutions. Locked up behind dreary walls and surroundings during the most important developmental stages in a child's life. I endured heavy medication and conditioning to keep me quiet. Through all I had endured I kept my spirit intact while I adapted to severe harsh conditions that would put an adult over the edge.
Donna's Poems Of Experiences
Journey through one woman's world through my poems of experiences. While you're there take time to surf through the entire site to view issues and concerns of many.

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Messages With Meaning

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