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Mensa SIG - Mensa is a high IQ society; only the top 2% are eligible to belong. The name means table in Latin. SIGs are Special Inte

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Mensa SIG

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Mensa is a high IQ society; only the top 2% are eligible to belong. The name means "table" in Latin. SIGs are Special Interest Groups. Mensa SIGs are available on many topics - Ireland, gardening, dogs, cats, motorcycling, you name it! Come and see what newsletters and on line sites are available!


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Mensa SIG Web Page
Master page for all Mensa SIGs.
Mensa Astronomy/ModPhys SIG
Astronomy and Modern Physics SIG of American Mensa. Links, Ask Questions, Message Board, Articles, News, and Research Opportunities -- Get Involved in Astronomy/ModPhys, or ask the pros!
WebHeads SIG
A special interest group of American Mensa devoted to web development. All Mensans involved in developing web sites, interested in learning how, or seeking help getting their Mensa local group, SIG, or RG onto the web, are welcome to join and share their ideas.

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Mensa SIG

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Mensa SIG
Mensa SIG
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