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Lupus Awareness - Does the wolf leave his tracks on your life?  Maybe on your face?  This ring explores Systemic Lupus Eryt

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Lupus Awareness

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Manager: genessa
Does the wolf leave his tracks on your life?  Maybe on your face?  This ring explores Systemic Lupus Erythematosis, from its causes (as best we know them) to its symptoms to its devastating effects on the lives of those who have it and those who care about them, to resources, to narratives, to anything to do with Lupus. 


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Big Bad Wolf's Den!
A website that provides brief information on Lupus and a List of informative sights. Also it links to my other websites with information on other Autoimmune diseases.
All About Howie Dorough pics bios video, sound humor family members Lupus Info and lots more
genessa -- nonprofits!
Nonprofits favored by GENESSA. Definitely biased toward our personal interests. NOT a link farm, NOT a fundraising site and NOT comprised of site sponsors. Not a links farm! This is our way of letting visitors know which charities we care about and why. GENESSA is a commercial site and this page is a NONcommercial page on that site.
genessa -- webring!
If you're seeing this site in one of my rings, consider it an unofficial manager's page); otherwise it's my page about which rings I manage AND about WebRing in general, including WebRing membership and management. If THIS ring isn't on the page, it's due to be merged; check join instructions to see where.
Health Start
A starting point for Christians who want to find practical health tips or learn about medical problems like chronic fatigue, fibromylgia, cancer, digestive system problems, allergies, yeast problems and much more. "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."

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Lupus Awareness

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