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Living With Cockatiels - Cockatiels are affectionate birds that love interacting with their owners. They're popular pets for everyone from a chil

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Living With Cockatiels

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Cockatiels are affectionate birds that love interacting with their owners. They're popular pets for everyone from a child to a lonely senior citizen. Cockatiels make good therapy birds because of their love of talking and interacting with people. World of Cockatiels is a ring of websites providing information on everything from their basic nutritional needs (food), shelter (cage), health issues, genetics of breeding for the different color mutations, to hand raising baby cockatiels, and training them to talk. If you should decide that a cockatiel would be the ideal pet for your family, you'll find aviaries selling this bird here. Enjoying surfing this webring celebrating our favorite bird—cockatiels.




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For the Love of Birds
Specializing in sweet and cuddly handfed baby cockatiels. They are raised as pets in spacious, sunny bird room at my family home in central Maine. Variety of beautiful colors. Photos of available babies. Discussion of socialization, weaning, flight training and diet. Many avian links. Parrot Humor.
Stanley & Kiwi's Cockatiel Place
A site of my cockatiels. With family photos. including some baby pictures.
Birdie's Domain - Tunes for Tiels and Other Fun Stuff
Photos of Birdie (our cockatiel) and his many friends. Lots of tunes to download to teach your tiel to sing! Send your picture for Birdie's Friends Gallery.
K C Aviaries
We are owned & operated by our fids.... African Greys, Eclectus, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Parakeets and 2 finches. This site is about my wonderful birds & baby birds I have availible from time to time. Small in home hobby breeder..
Takoda Aviary
Cockatiel breeder and enthusiast in Columbus, Ohio. A wealth of information regarding your feathered friend!

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Living With Cockatiels

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