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Javert - Includes sites with Javert or Les Miserables-related material.

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Includes sites with Javert or Les Miserables-related material.

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Les Miserables The Memoirs of Jean Valjean
Web-page for a theatre production of a non-musical, book-based adaptation of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables
Les Miserables - webfilm series
Launching in late 2014, a crowdfunded web-film series based as closely possible on Victor Hugo's unabridged novel Les Miserables, in hour long episodes. Keep up to date with project progress, auditions, trailers, news, and episode releases. Facebook page:
Madame La Baronne Pontmercy's Les Miserables Site
My site contains art, fanfiction, reviews of the recordings! Dare to compare Les Javerts...(Grantaires, Prouvaires...Valjeans, Cosettes, Eponines, etc...)A general Les Miz site, with a heavy Javert influence, particularly as portrayed by Philip Quast!
I Will Make You Proud!!
A shrine to Jerome Pradon - the current London Javert who has also played Judas, Guillaume, The Man and Marius in his illustrious career! Lots of fanfiction and pictures!
My Javert Fanfic.
Links to my Javert fanfiction. Some of it is decent. Other, not so decent.

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