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Into The SLiDe - This webring contains info on Sliders, the TV show. Slide right on in!

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Into The SLiDe

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Manager: nexus
This webring contains info on Sliders, the TV show. Slide right on in!


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sliders what if
site filled with sounds, pics, and links
Sliders- My Parallel Earth
A realatively new Sliders page- polls, favorite quotes, episode summaries, tons of links, Sliders books, join Sliders and SlFic mailing lists.
Sliders Rule!
I like Sliders. A lot. I've been a fan of Jerry O'Connel since I saw some promise in him in Stand By Me... Also, I like John Rhys-Davies. I'm in the group of Maggie-haters; it isn't that I don't like the character -- she has some promise if they'd just stop having her be so bitchy! -- I don't like Kari Wuhrer. I don't like that they 'lost' one of my fav-four and replaced him with HER.
SLIDERS 'Worldstock:'
A 'SLIDE-IT-YOURSELF' white paper!
Alternate Earth 117
A UK sliders page with episode guides, piccies, quotes, the Slidcage ending not shown in US and more to come

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Into The SLiDe

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