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Industry - The portal for business-to-business professionals. It provides access to a network of the sites working together to enha

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The portal for business-to-business professionals. It provides access to a network of the sites working together to enhance the trade on industrial market across the borders as well as within the borders.

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Kromwyrm ... an artificial intelligence
This is an artificial intelligence that has the ability to see patterns within chaos. We have been applying it to the stock market and have future plans to sell subscriptions to view those results. But now we wish to apply it to simpler situations which may help small businesses improve their efficiency.
The Business Room -- Books for Businesspeople
Studies show that the most successful businesspeople are those who constantly keep learning new things. Take a look at some of these top-notch books on various aspects of business. Buy them with links direct to
TVI Electronics - Touch Screen LCD Module
Design and manufacture of custom and standard controllers for OPTREX F-51553, F-51852 128x64 COG Monochrome STN LCD and Optrex F-51854 160x128 F-STN Monochrome Transflective LCD with touch screen, support in solving problems with LCD, and assistance in the design phase. Our touch screen LCD modules can integrate with other applications, ease user interface, and make significant changes in graphic LCD system design.
Quoting Loans
Provides loan quotes from over 275 lenders, by using LMS™ (Loan Matching System) thus matching you with the FOUR best lenders to give you the best loan rate and service online. Mortgage, Home Equity, Business, Commercial Property Loans.
Online Consultancy Network
The Online Consultancy Network offers comprehensive business resources, feature articles, breaking news, technology, and a directory of experienced, senior-level independent business consultants and organizations. The Network is a worldwide collaborative project and a leading eProcurement, business to business Internet exchange for Small Business Owners, and consultants.

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