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Indras.Net - A network of individuals belonging to the Soka Gakkai International (SGI), a lay Buddhist organization. This network, In

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A network of individuals belonging to the Soka Gakkai International (SGI), a lay Buddhist organization. This network, Indras.Net, has a common interest in self-expression using the Internet. The style and focus of such self-expression will vary between individuals, yet what all hold as a common set of values are integrity, honesty, openness, fairness and creativity in thought and in written word. Topics include: The Lotus Sutra, Buddhism, Nichiren Daishonin and Soka Gakkai.

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Indras Net Administrative
The Indras.Net Webring administrative-contact informational Home Page. PLEASE NOTE that a Web Ring is NOT a "heirarchical" structure and no one site in the Ring is "above" or "below" any other. The page exists for those wishing to receive an invitation to join their Web site to the Indras.Net Web Ring, or who otherwise wish to understand better what this Ring is about.
Gakkai Experiences Online
Real life experiences of those who are practicing Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism. This site includes several categories of experiences, including some from around the world, some from SGI publications, and many from derived from personal meetings and communications from SGI members.
Temple Issue Resources
A question and answer compilation of resources for SGI members. The subject is the SGI excommunication from Nichiren Shoshu and the continuing struggle.
This site provides an introduction to Nichiren Buddhism in plain language. Basics of Buddhist philosophy and practice are explained. The site also serves as an information source on the SGI in the pioneer territory of GUERNSEY, Channel Islands.
March 1990 Seikyo Times
President Ikeda's guidance that was given during his February 1990 visit to the U.S. resulted in dramatic changes in the SGI-USA organization. This guidance was all recorded in the March 1990 Seikyo Times. Here it is available online for the first time. More articles added continuously.

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