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Highlander Watchers - The Highlander and Watchers Chronicles Webring is specifically designed for Highlander fans who have a website pretainin

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Highlander Watchers

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Manager: only_one
The Highlander and Watchers Chronicles Webring is specifically designed for Highlander fans who have a website pretaining to the Watchers, dedicated to Watchers, have a small portion of Watcher content in their site, or even nothing on Watchers at all! It signifies that you belong to a webring that is Highlander-related, and have obtained your degree from the Watcher Academy! Enjoy!


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Highlander fan fiction. Mostly Methos with guest appearances by other immortals. Lots of pictures & sound.
1994 - 1996 Seven centuries have passed since the Earth plunged into darkness, seven centuries since the Jettator swore to regain from man his lost knowledge and freedom, all the Immortals took the oath, all except one. Who dominates the world, but soon an Immortal will come to confront him, his name is Quentin MacLeod, he is the Highlander.
Sailor Mar's Highlander Page
My favorite pics, quotes, Highlander fanfics, and a ton of other stuff to see! :-) Owned by the MacSprite Clan.
Highlander The Series
All about Highlander The Series - Immortals, character biographies, links, music, cast, crew, episodes, guide for beginners, conventions, trivia.
Sheshat's Online Library
General and adult HL and HL:R fic; adventure, humor & romance. Rest of the Library includes: BeastMaster, Buffy, B5/Crusade, Farscape, Mortal Kombat, Poltergeist, Crow, Sentinel, & Stargate. Submissions welcome!

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Highlander Watchers

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