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Hammond Tonewheel Organ WebRing - A collection of sites dedicated to the often imitated but never duplicated Hammond Organ. This includes the organs, thei

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Hammond Tonewheel Organ WebRing

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Manager: lori4him2
A collection of sites dedicated to the often imitated but never duplicated Hammond Organ. This includes the organs, their imitators, related gear (such as Leslie tone cabinets), and the music played on them.

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Hammond Organ
Hammond Organ for Sale, New and Used Hammond Organs, Vintage and modern Hammond Organ, Hammond Organ Sales, Music, History and Repair, H112, M3, J Series Hammond Organs.
Theatre Organ Magic
Theatre Organ History, Current situation of theatre and Cinema Organs, plotting the demise of the cinema organfrom the late '50s onwards with the rise in popularity of television, Techniques Pages explaning the workings and different techniques used to create and modify organ voices, filters, tremulants etc,Technical pages and sub - pages with schematics and projects for modifying and enhancing electronic organs, Links Page with immediate access to twelve of the top search engines also links for free website submission to hundreds of International search engines, a For Sale Page for free advertising, and a "Fun Page" with lots of non-organ trivia.
organic topics and keynote addresses
Mine is a personal site. All about me,and my music. Links to favorite artists, links to Hammond sites, a few random links, geared (I hope) toward keyboard players in general and Hammond players, in particular.
Tiny's Hammond
How to gig with a C3 - the easy way! It's about fixing up a C3, & lugging it around with a Leslie for gigging. Includes - Tone Generator Capacitor Replacement; Chopping a C3 & Cabinet Finish - the easy way!
Hammond models and clones in Italy!
Some Italian musicians and their Hammond and clones. Every day news admitted.

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