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HUMAN - Dedicated to promoting human unity, human cooperation and a better understanding of humanity.

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Home > Government & Politics > Issues and Causes > Human Rights
Manager: okieshadow

Dedicated to promoting human unity, human cooperation and a better understanding of humanity.


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Rev. Jonathan Lobl's Healing Ministry
Rev. Jonathan Lobl's healing ministry. Spiritual Healing, Pantheism, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Melchizedek (Order of), Universal Life Church
All about Melchizedek and the Order of Melchizedek, My Melchizedek Ordination, Melchizedek in the Bible
Jonathan Lobl's Universal Life Church Site
All about the Universal Life Church, My ULC Ordination
Jonathan Lobl's Reiki Site
My Reiki Practice, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Natural Healing, Reiki Ordination and Ministry
This page is the result of my studies and experiences of indigenous cultures and their clash with civilizations, the ongoing struggle, the negative and positive aspects of cultural clash and fusion or diffusion. This study is based upon an analysis of value systems, historical events, social systems and structures and social behavior patterns. To support the thesis that the American Indian culture epitomizes the struggle for the care and sustenance of mother earth, I have included references to several sources in the form of quotes from these sources. Finally this study acknowledges role of the motion picture industry and the power of this medium of the cinema to present to its audience alternate cultures, alternate systems of values, and diversity of human life, behavior and culture, so that an explorer and adventurer can cross the cultural boundaries and create

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