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Free Flight Web Ring - The essence of free-flight is that the aircraft have no need for any form of external control. Aircraft of this type hav

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The essence of free-flight is that the aircraft have no need for any form of external control. Aircraft of this type have been flown for over two centuries. They are designed to be inherently stable in flight; if disturbed by a gust of wind or a thermal up-current they will return automatically to stable flight. For this reason most free flight aircraft are not replicas of man-carrying ones, for they are designed for a quite different purpose. Their stability is achieved by a combination of design and trim, - the relationship between centre of gravity, wing and tailplane incidence and rudder setting.




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My Model Model Aircraft Motors - vintage and modern
A collection of Vintage Model Aircraft motors and some modern'ish ones. For those who like to look at motor pictures, annotated.
Indoor Free Flight
Indoor Free Flight in Liège, Belgium.
Free Flight Video Tapes
For over twenty years Homegrown Television has been the leader in producing model aviation video tapes. The producer / director of Homegrown Television has been designing and building competition model airplanes for over 35 years, so he really knows his subject.
Model Flying Machines
Make your own flying model of an early airplane. This online guide lists resources for making accurate scale models of pre-1910 aircraft, as well as for replicas of 19th century kites and toy helicopters, etc.
Martin Gregorie's Free Flight pages
A set of personal pages containing design and construction articles as well as stories about Free Flight adventures. The content is mostly concerned with F1A competition models and small sport electrics, though it also covers techniques, Cyclon F1J engines and aircraft flown in New Zealand during World War I.

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