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Families On The Internet - Welcome to Families On The Internet! Families on the internet are united in this ''families only ring. If you have a fam

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Families On The Internet

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Welcome to Families On The Internet!

Families on the internet are united in this ''families only ring". If you have a family oriented homepage, then you are invited to join.


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We Love Our Life on the Lake
We love our life on the lake where fish, frogs, ducks, geese and other types of wild life abound. Join us here and learn all about our special interests and life on a lake.
Ray Holt's Home Page
Ancestor's, Descendants, and Allied Families of Melvin Ray Holt, Sr.
Children's Author Haemi Balgassi & Family
The author and her family invite you to browse their virtual home, enter a student writing contest, print curriculum and easy recipes, doze with the cat in her kitty condo, stroll the garden's paths to children's book people, read advice for beginning writers, and more.
Hayes Family Homepage
Page of the Hayes Family
baby Thea's fun webpage
Baby Thea Louise and her family Life with Down's syndrome, her life is special and loved, find out how Down's syndrome has helped us all learn as a family

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Families On The Internet

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