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Elfquest Fan Club Holts Ring - A ring for Elfquest Fan Club Holts. Editors can show off their Holt web pages and potential members can find a Holt that

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Elfquest Fan Club Holts Ring

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Manager: elflovers
A ring for Elfquest Fan Club Holts. Editors can show off their Holt web pages and potential members can find a Holt that suits them.




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Shadow Wolf Holt
Inside a large valley is located the Father Tree , located inside the valley gorge there is also a stream and some caves where the elves live during the white cold and store extra food. Come and join the wolf pack in a howl, be welcome at Shadow Wolf Holt....
RavenBrook Holt
Raven and wolf-bonding elves decended from Talltracker's group of elves. ======== See other listing for Ravenbrook for CURRENT info!
Windhowl and Blue Reef Holts
Two separate EQ Fan Club Holts. Windhowl is a group of wolfriders and Blue Reef is a sea elves holt. The sea elves breath both air and water and most can shapechange in and out of mer-elf form.
Stormrise Holt
Stormrise Holt is a holt located in the stormy, moorish northeastern regions of Two Moons. The elves of Stormrise have lived in peace for hundreds of turns after driving the humans away from their lands. However,now they have discovered the humans have returned--to stay. A dire time faces the elves. Will Wildlight, their chief, lead them once again in a war that could destroy the tribe?
Wild Shore Holt
This is an online chronicle for Elfquest, the roleplaying game based on the comic created by Wendy and Richard Pini. Our elves are wolfriders who split from the tribe even before TwoSpear and Skyfire fought about chieftainship. They have since then settled at the shore of the Vast Deep Water, away from trouble with humans and trolls ... so far.

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