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Electronics as a Hobby - Electronics as a hobby

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Electronics as a Hobby

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Manager: nsfetcu
Electronics as a hobby

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Electronics Lab
Electronics basics, Microcontroller projects, stepper motor and parallel port interface tutorials. Resources for beginner and advanced users.
Low Power Radio
How to set up and operate your own low power, unlicensed radio station for experimental broadcasting and electronics experiments - news, tips, techniques and links to other great sites
The Interactive Arts
A group for discussing art in any medium in which "a dialogue is created between the viewer and the piece", in some sense. In other words, art that you can't just look at passively, but have to do something to really experience. A fair amount of this art has to be plugged in - computerized installation art, interactive flash, ... that hard to define area where electrical engineering or software engineering and art overlap and photographic studies of the work done in that area.
Diego Solorzano
This is a personal website, but you can also find some info about some programs and links.
Layout Design Index
Covering transistor level schematics, boolean algebra, and stick diagrams for CMOS circuit layout design.

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Electronics as a Hobby

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